Tom Hanks Falls Victim to AI in Advertisement

Tom Hanks

Concerns among actors regarding the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry have materialized with Tom Hanks becoming a recent victim. This occurred in an advertisement for a dental care program featuring the actor with AI technology.

Tom Hanks shared the promo on his social media, cautioning everyone to be more vigilant when viewing content that showcases his face and not easily trust such material. He expressed his disappointment that this was done without his consent.

Video Promoting Dental Care

“BE CAREFUL! There’s a video promoting a dental care program with AI of me. I have nothing to do with it,” he wrote, along with a screenshot from the video.

The Oscar-winning actor had previously voiced concerns about the development of AI technology used in movies and television shows. However, he is not opposed to technology as such.

In the animated film The Polar Express in 2004, Tom Hanks appeared in CGI (Computer Generated Images). He also appeared as a younger version of himself in the film A Man Called Otto last year.

Tom Hanks Said it Like This

During a podcast with Adam Buxton, Tom Hanks discussed a similar issue before the actor’s union demonstration on April 18th.

“We saw this coming (the rejection of AI). We saw that there would be developments in computers that could change the face and character. Now, that technology has happened, and we see it everywhere,” he explained.

“I’m telling you, there will be discussions in the union (of actors), agencies, and all the legal teams that will come with legal documents about my voice and my face (and all actors) becoming intellectual property. Anyone can change their age however they want with AI or deepfake technology,” he concluded.

Tom Hanks’ Stance on AI

Tom Hanks’ recent experience with AI in the dental care program advertisement has highlighted his concerns about the technology. While he acknowledges its potential and utility, he is wary of how it can be misused, particularly in manipulating an actor’s likeness without their consent.

His warning to the public to be cautious when encountering AI-generated content featuring his likeness underscores the need for greater awareness regarding the ethical and legal implications of AI’s rapid advancement in the entertainment industry.