Navia Epic Build in Genshin Impact with Killer Weapons and Artifacts

Navia Epic Build in Genshin Impact with Killer Weapons and Artifacts

Hey, brave Genshin Impact players! With the latest 4.3 update, you can now add Navia to your team. Get ready for an exciting trip. Now that Fontaine’s Geo character has a powerful Claymore, Navia is the centre of attention as a playable character. Let’s look at the best way to build Navia in Genshin Impact, with all the best guns and artefacts that will make her a true monster.

Making Friends with Navia

The Geo character from Fontaine, Navia, has a powerful Claymore. As head of Spina in Rosula, she has been a great help to Travellers on their journeys through Fontaine. Navia used to be a supporting character, but since the 4.3 update, she can now be played. For those lucky enough to have Navia in their lineup, let’s look at the best way to build her to get the most out of her in Genshin Impact.

Things that are strong and weak

Look at what makes Navia unique in Genshin Impact before we get into the details of the build.


  1. Massive Elemental Skill Damage: Navia’s Elemental Skill deals significant damage and can be used twice in one rotation.
  2. Stylish Gameplay: Her team frequently triggers Crystalize reactions, adding a cool aesthetic to the gameplay.
  3. Accessible Team Composition: Navia’s teammates are generally free-to-play characters, making her easy to build around.
  4. No Requirement for Mono-Geo Teams: Navia doesn’t necessitate being in a mono-Geo team.


  1. High CRIT Rate Requirement: She requires a very high CRIT rate to maximize her potential.
  2. Frontloaded Damage: Navia focuses on initial damage, and if the initial assault fails, the impact diminishes.
  3. Dependence on Supportive Teammates: She relies on three other team members to enhance her damage output.

Now that we understand Navia’s strengths and weaknesses, let’s jump into the most potent build to make her a standout character in your Genshin Impact adventures.

Navia Optimal Build


  1. Song of Broken Pines (5-star Claymore): Boosting physical damage and providing a bonus ATK when using an Elemental Skill, this weapon complements Navia’s playstyle perfectly.
  2. Serpent Spine (4-star Claymore): Offering increased CRIT Rate and dealing additional damage at the cost of taking damage over time, Serpent Spine is an excellent choice for Navia if you can manage the additional risk.


  1. Archaic Petra (4-piece): Enhancing Geo DMG and providing a shield that absorbs damage, this set boosts Navia’s overall survivability.
  2. Gladiator’s Finale (4-piece): Increasing Navia’s ATK and providing an additional Normal Attack DMG bonus, this set is perfect for boosting her overall damage output.

Building Strategies

Main DPS or secondary DPS

You can make these hero into a Main DPS character, but you can also use her as a Sub DPS. Think about the people on your team and how you like to play to figure out which SLOT GACOR TERBARU part is best for you.

Rate of CRIT and Damage from CRIT

Because Navia needs a high CRIT Rate, you should focus on artefacts that raise both CRIT Rate and CRIT Damage. This is necessary for her strikes to have the most effect.

Who’s on the Team

Make sure that Navia has friends who can help her do more damage. To balance out her flaws and help her strengths, characters with shields, healing, and other Geo features can be used.

Ending It All

Now you know the best way to build Navia in Genshin Impact. Through the use of the right tools, artefacts, and strategic planning, you can make Navia a powerful force in the world of Teyvat. Navia, may you lead your team to win as you explore new areas or take on tough bosses.